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        A School District 73 Business Company

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        - Global Edution's goal is to provide outstanding technology assisted learning to International students.

        - Our product is unique beuse of the teachers that have a passion for offering the strongest online programs for 21st century learners.

        - The administration team are from the Kamloops-Okanagan School District #73, BC, nada and the teachers are BC certified teachers.

        Designed To Excel


        Our program blends interactive online courses with face to face support in the home country.


        The courses are semestered and on a synchronous timeline in order to offer a blended, interactive program. Courses begin in September, February and July.


        We are applying the "Flipped Classroom" Philosophy to teaching online by including lesson videos in our Moodle Courses.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Contact Us


        For further information, please contact:

        Kristin Engleson
        Director of SD73 Business Company Global Edution
        Email: kengleson@sd73.bc.
        Phone: 250-572-2866


        1383 9th Ave, Kamloops, British Columbia,
        V2C 3X7, nada


        To work for Global Edution, teachers must be a BC certified teacher.

        To apply, please contact Kristin Engleson.